Barbara Spence Jewellery

Modern geometric and stackable jewellery

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The jewellery is divided into collections but share the same aesthetic. So mix and match: perspex with silver; orbit jewellery with square rings

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Square stacking rings, 16 variations

Square stacking rings

The square stacking rings exemplify Barbara Spence Jewellery, with different colours materials and gemstones. I love it when people go through my whole collection to find their perfect set.

Choose your own combination of rings and gemstones to create a unique set.

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Recycled jewellery

Remember I can breathe new life into an old ring by recycling the gold and gemstones into a new square ring or a very special locket.

    Work in progress

    Handmade jewellery

    barbara spence jewellery is all made in my studio in north london. as with all handmade art, no two pieces will be exactly the same.

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