Bespoke Commissions

I make each piece of jewellery individually and am very happy to make one-off bespoke pieces. So, you can be involved in the design process, or specify particular gemstones that you would like me to include.

Engraved Lockets: the Mid-century Moon lockets are such a special gift and are perfect to hold a small photo. You can personalise them further by having a name engraved on the reverse. I use a specialist engraver based in Hatton Garden, it adds a week to the making time.

Square Rings: One of the great features of the stackable square rings is the number of variations that are possible. If you don't see your perfect combination, let me know and I can design a bespoke set for you and can also include your own gemstones.

My customer had bought a pair of rings previously. She wanted a new ring set with a sapphire her daughter had given her. The new ring can be worn with both the original ones and, with a perspex ring, she can wear them altogether.

Recycling Rings: Do you have an old ring that you never wear because its too old fashioned or "not you"? It's possible to recycle the stones and gold and its lovely to breathe new life into a piece of old jewellery, whilst keeping a connection with the past.

My client had been given a ring by her grandmother but she never wore it. I made her a silver ring with her diamond in a new modern setting made with the gold from the ring. She ordered a second ring with an orbit circle in gold to complete the set.

Contact me to discuss or arrange an appointment at the studio.